Today we have received some encouraging news that excites us all here at Prymo, we have just had a look at the latest designs of our website and we are pleased to say how great it is looking. Our friends over in Manchester, have come up with a great new way of re-branding Prymo as a company. We believe this is a massive step for us, due to no one in our industry has ever made the progress we have in this short period of time. If you would like to find out more about the company we are using, feel free to get in touch via social media. Jasen Jackiw and I, have been working together to make sure we are giving YOU, the Prymo audience, the best possible content. We have been working endlessly to make sure our following and future followers, are proud to support us. Our website will be launched mid July, which gives us enough time to make sure we have everything we want to feature on the web. Due to us not wanting any competitors to see the designs of the website until it is realised, we can’t show any screenshots, although, if you would really want to have a quick look, you can get in touch with us on Twitter – we provide fresh, daily content for all to enjoy. PRYMO are on the look out for technicians that have a full UK driving licence, has experience in our sector and has the right attitude to take pride in their work. Would you want the opportunity to work for a fast growing, multi award winning company? Are you a skilled sprayer, stone mason, repair specialists? Here you can see a picture of our Operations Director (right) and Aprils Employee of the Month (left) on site completing an Advanced Intumescent Coatings service in Broadheath. PRYMO are a company you may have already heard about, due to us being in the papers every few weeks, here is a link to see last months headlines ‘ ‘ Our technicians thrive off the new challenges they have to face each day whilst working at PRYMO, if you are self-motivated and love to test yourself, PRYMO is the company for you. We reward our technicians on a monthly basis by either going to Nandos as a team or we order some pizzas from Dominos and have team discussions, these monthly meetings include awarding ‘Employee of the Month, Trainee of the Month and the chief award, Directors Choice of the Month’. We love to keep the positivity high here at PRYMO and love rewarding good work and dedication, which is why when one of our latest employees passed his driving test, our Director presented him with a supercar driving experience, he was made up to say the least… his mother wasn’t. Last week, a project of ours was finished before its deadline, so for their hard work we gave the two technicians the Friday off to spend it with their families. If you think this is the career choice for you, get in touch with our office on 0161660 1681 for more information on the opportunities available. PRYMO have been featuring in the paper since Thursday, 14/05/15 regarding our latest employee, Phillip Sherlock. I’m sure that you’re all aware of the massive story that broke out a few months back, concerning how Phillip and his wife, Victoria were forced to live in their car after months of trying to get a break, they couldn’t. Until… you guessed it, Our Managing Director, Jasen Jackiw and his driven, welcoming staff.   A few weeks back, Jasen was watching morning television and he saw a couple in need, a couple that had no home and were living in a car in life threatening conditions. So, Jasen being Jasen, he phoned up and shown interest in meeting the couple. A few days later, Jasen and Phil finally met and formed a great bond, to Phil’s surprise, this wasn’t a normal ‘hello, how are you’ this was a job interview. The pair came out all smiling, and we were introduced to Phil by Jasen as, ‘meet your latest employee’.   Although they both now had jobs, they were still homeless and living in anywhere they deemed safe. So, some of the PRYMO team tried to understand the couples situation and paid for hotel rooms until they managed to get a home.   PRYMO’s Office Manager, Lauren, was responsible for them being housed after 3 weeks of being employed by PRYMO, she worked endlessly to make sure opportunities were being created for them to get back on their feet, and Lauren reached her goal of housing Phillip and Victoria, they got their keys on Sunday and are now living in a warm and clean home, just like it should be.   As you can see, some of the PRYMO team are enjoying a cuppa with the newly housed couple. This is just the beginning for Phillip and PRYMO, as we have so many plans for him to achieve the best he possibly can. PRYMO Surface Solutions LTD are the influential, ground-breaking, prominent leaders of the, ‘From Start To Finish Construction Package’. We are a multi-award winning company, picking up some very prestigious awards over our short period time operating.   As you can see in the video below, we offer all types of services. Even though we have developed into a leading brand in our industry, we will accommodate every one of our clients no matter how big or small you works may be. An example of this will be, our technician could be one day repairing a chip in a bath then the next day on site with other PRYMO technicians re-surfacing 100’s of internal and external window frames.   As you follow us on Twitter  and like us on Facebook, you’d know we now have an Advanced Intumescent Coatings service, which now allows us to be on site at the beginning and throughout of the project rather than being thought about to complete the final snagging stages of the site. Offering this service now, gives you more reason to keep us on site for the duration of your project, this way, it is a more simple solution because it will be, one company, doing what’s needed, that know the site and understand the rules and procedures.   We aren’t stopping here though, we are in the process of getting our website re-designed so it is a lot more clear to you, the services we offer. If you think we might be of service to you, but isn’t shown on the website, give our office a call on 0161 660 1681 and we would be happy to have a chat regarding your works. Manchester City are currently undergoing a top secret project, that we, or anyone aren’t allowed to share. We are very grateful for getting this opportunity to be able to work for the third biggest team in Manchester, behind Manchester United and Manchester United U21’s. No, we are kidding, sorry City fans, but we aren’t kidding how grateful we are, this is a big stepping stone and a massive boost for us because we have been looked too when needed a service.   Football aside, we are forming a great relationship with our clients which is great for us both. We hope by the size of this job, and who the client is shows, that PRYMO aren’t a man in a van setup. We offer the full package, although we don’t have everything detailed on our website, we are getting this sorted, meaning we have being having meetings regarding re-designing the whole website. We believe this makes perfect sense after having some technical issues with it a few weeks back and now offering various different solutions that isn’t published on the website. This is a great opportunity for PRYMO to hopefully attain more work with Manchester City, we work very closely with multi-million pound companies which can always can rely on us to deliver the best all rounded service in the UK. If you want to see more of our previous work, check out our other blogs, this will hopefully give you an understanding of how varied our work is.   We’re sorry we couldn’t get any action shots but we have to respect their wishes, this was the best we could do. We hope to hear from you soon.   On Site Spraying | Wythenshawe Do you have any surfaces that you would like to be a new colour? But, are the decorators in your area too expensive or don’t have the best reputations? PRYMO are on call in the UK, we offer a unique service that allows you to sit back and watch us complete the works, stress free and not have a hole burning away in your pocket. As you can see in this video, our technicians are currently working their way through a project that involves them re-spraying every window frame a different colour. No matter how big the works you are thinking about, PRYMO can be of service to you, because we value every single one of our clients.   Head over to our YouTube channel to see more videos like the one above. Our aim is to take you onto the PRYMO journey to show you the processes we use and how our projects look once we have delivered our multi-award winning service.   How this building has changed since PRYMO applied a little TLC and a lot of hard work and determination. We have gone to battle with the rain and wind, snow and sleet, to make sure we stay on track and so far, we are doing so.   PRYMO don’t ever leave any drips or runs when spraying, we have a team of highly skilled paint sprayers which, to be able to be out on the road, have to pass convincingly a strict training manual set by PRYMO. So for a bit of reassurance, you WILL get a fully trained and qualified technician at your site. So then, where do I begin. What a great month it has been for PRYMO. Firstly, we have finally announced our highly anticipated secret, that we will be now offering another service that is, Advanced Intumescent Coatings, (details upon request – 0161 660 1681). Secondly, we have taken on two technicians and a Warehouse Manager which now will help us develop and have our mission statement in mind. PUSHING BEYOND STANDARDS. Not forgetting us having our BEST EVER March, not just financially either, our office staff are still feeling invincible after going to see the great life coach, Tony Robins in London.   As you can see in the picture above, we now have a new logo colour scheme for Advanced Intumescent Coatings, this is now a message to everybody reading, we are not a man in a van setup… PRYMO offer the complete service, although we haven’t included Advanced Intumescent Coatings onto our website, we are getting this redesigned which will show you, exactly what we offer. Another example of PUSHING BEYOND STANDARD.   If you are interested about our different services, in the meantime get in touch with us on 0161 660 1681.   We see nothing but positivity from now on, we see no reason why we can’t beat April’s financial record, we see no reason why we cant beat taking more than two technicians on in April, and we have no reason to stop feeling invincible.

Whatever your damage and whatever your hard surface, PRYMO can help you. We are seeing a lot of people replacing their damaged worktops and spending a lot more money than they should be doing, we have a mission statement here at PRYMO which ‘cutting cost with the environment in mind’ – this is at the heart and soul of PRYMO because we want to help and save every single one of our customers money and whilst doing that, save the environment.


How do PRYMO save the environment?

Using multiple trades requires multiple transport, removing may require heavy machinery or tooling and throwing away the item will result in adding to landfill – with PRYMO, we can deploy ONE technician, in ONE van, to repair MULTIPLE damages in ONE day for a special day rate offer.

Here you can see a damaged kitchen worktop, its only small but very noticeable, if our client would have left this, it could have become a health hazard, an example of this would be bacteria growth or even a cut due to its sharp edges. So, our client got in touch easily on 0161 660 1681 and got through to our lovely Office Manager, Lauren. We had our technical team look at the damage and sent back a price within that day. We then deployed one of our technicians at a time that suited our client and got the job completed within an hour.

GONE! The chip is… invisible. If you have something similar or know someone with this kind of damage, get in touch today on 0161 660 1681.

We can offer you a service that can cut costs, save time and help the environment. You may think that its to good to be true but… its not! PRYMO can honestly help you save money for replacement costs, time in replacing your damaged worktops and help reduce landfill because we will be taking that element of replacing away. PRYMO offers a trusted and reliable service that has made us a multi-award winning company, picking up awards such as; ‘M.E.N.’s Young Business of the Year’ and winning the Grafters Awards ‘Best Contractor/Supplier 2014’.

Having these awards and accreditations allows us to show off we are the NO.1 specialist repairs company.

PRYMO have lots of offers when it comes to kitchen worktop repairs, we have day rates which allows you to have one technician for a whole day/half day for as many repairs you need doing. This will be more for your site managers, housing associations, hotels, education and retail but we do cater for everybody, so we have hour slots, two hour slots etc… so even if you have one small chip that is affecting you, get in touch because we have time for everybody.

PRYMO surface solutions are the cost-effective solution to replacing your damaged worktop, PRYMO can resurface your worktop which will help save money, time and be the greener solution, rather than filling up landfill PRYMO can repair the damaged worktop to prevent furthering our ever-growing environmental problem.

PRYMO can resurface your kitchen worktop with huge benefits:

– Any item colour matched

– Any hard surface on almost any item can be repaired

– Saving replacement if minor damage to item

– Multiple surfaces can be done in ONE single visit in situ

– All of our works are fully guaranteed

If you are interested in using PRYMO get in touch with us on 0161 660 1681 for a fully guaranteed quote.

Our kitchen worktop repairs are carried out by highly skilled technicians using products that are specifically designed for use – all data sheets are available on request from a client.