PRYMO Surface Solutions LTD are the influential, ground-breaking, prominent leaders of the, ‘From Start To Finish Construction Package’. We are a multi-award winning company, picking up some very prestigious awards over our short period time operating.   As you can see in the video below, we offer all types of services. Even though we have developed into a leading brand in our industry, we will accommodate every one of our clients no matter how big or small you works may be. An example of this will be, our technician could be one day repairing a chip in a bath then the next day on site with other PRYMO technicians re-surfacing 100’s of internal and external window frames.   As you follow us on Twitter  and like us on Facebook, you’d know we now have an Advanced Intumescent Coatings service, which now allows us to be on site at the beginning and throughout of the project rather than being thought about to complete the final snagging stages of the site. Offering this service now, gives you more reason to keep us on site for the duration of your project, this way, it is a more simple solution because it will be, one company, doing what’s needed, that know the site and understand the rules and procedures.   We aren’t stopping here though, we are in the process of getting our website re-designed so it is a lot more clear to you, the services we offer. If you think we might be of service to you, but isn’t shown on the website, give our office a call on 0161 660 1681 and we would be happy to have a chat regarding your works.