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Scratches On Glass

Are you working in a glass populated office? Do you have scratches on glass that are visible and on show? We offer an outstanding service here at Prymo and we have been recognised for this which has resulted in us being a multi-award winning company. We operate within and around Manchester offering you an alternative to throwing away […]

Acrylic Bath Repairs

PRYMO offers an excellent bath repairs service that allows you to keep your original bath with sparkling new results.   We can give you a multi-award winning service that invisibly repairs your bath dents, scratches and cracks. PRYMO have technicians that have been working on baths for many years so when it comes to experience […]

Cast Iron Bath Repairs

PRYMO provides a service that allows you to keep your cast iron baths even if they are damaged, and also we can fully refurbish to your specification. It doesn’t matter if your cast iron bath is damaged, we understand they are timeless and are a great centre point of a bathroom. So, if they get damaged I’m […]

Glass Repairs By PRYMO

Highly glass populated buildings are becoming a lot more common these days, more often than not they are the focus points of the building so scratches on glass will show up and it will be noticeable. By having these scratches could seriously influence your potential clients’ first impressions on who you are.   Glass repairs […]

Bath Polishing

If your bath gets damaged like the one below, what do you do? Do you instantly think of replacing your bath and then it suddenly hits you, HUGE REPLACEMENT COSTS and a LOT of stress. Or, do you think, oh never mind I can get PRYMO in to repair it and it wont cost me […]

Bath Enameling

Would you like PRYMO to restore your bath? PRYMO can restore your bath back to manufacturers, original or your specification. By using PRYMO you will be getting a fully guaranteed service with technicians that have the very best knowledge within the industry. We have technicians that specialise in specific areas of: specialist repairs, restoration and […]

Scratched Glass Removal

ATTENTION – SITE MANAGERS: Has the glass that you are in charge of been damaged by trades? Vandals? Or simply damaged by accident? PRYMO offer the very latest in scratched glass repair solutions. PRYMO have a highly skilled and experienced set of glass technicians that are experts in scratched glass removal, we have technicians that have […]

Re Enamal Baths

FAQ: Will my bath have to be removed for resurfacing? No, PRYMO come to you and the bath will be enamalled (resurfaced using a coating that replicates enamal) in situ.Companies often say that they Re Enamal Baths , however enamel is sand heated to thousands of degrees so obviously this can not be done in […]

Glass Repairs Manchester

Public transport Your travelling passengers will sit and notice while travelling around Manchester if on the Metro or further a field if using other forms of transport, by this we mean travelling a distance, eyes start too wonder and your passengers will start to scan your transport for anything out of the ordinary… this includes […]

Scratches On Glass Solutions

Below I will explain a case study that happened not so long ago regarding scratches on glass, hopefully this gives you an insight to how we deal with things, if you would like to know anymore case studies, they are available on request. Scratches On Glass Objective: To provide a solution to repair scratches on […]

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