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December Giveaway – Day 1

Today was the first day of our daily December giveaway. I took the roads, of Manchester to spread the word of our Santa Smart Car – we have dressed it up to become a standout car within the Manchester traffic. Usually our Prymo Smart Car’s get a little overshadowed by it’s small body – but not this […]

From zero to multi award winning business and entrepreneur – Jasen Jackiw.

So I felt now is a good time to speak up and write a post personally… the year 2014 is coming to a close and just over 2 years ago I was at the point of Zero! I knew what I wanted but struggling to connect the dots and rebuild my confidence and drive after […]

What are the customers saying?

On Tuesday 11th November, we received our FIRST ever complaint, all of us were shocked and wanted to find out what the problem was as soon as possible, but then we were told, ‘one of your workers is doing too good of a job’ – so with this being our first ever complaint, we’ll take […]

Prymo Surface Solutions – highly accredited

Prymo Surface Solutions, we are the highest accredited company in our unique industry, we have gathered a worthy amount of awards and certificates, it has taken us two years to become what we are today and we are all proud in how far we have come in such little time. Our awards and certificates, we […]

Santa Smart Cars

This is our latest stunt to attract more people to recognise us; we believe this is a great way to get noticed and show what Prymo are about, we aim to have as much fun as possible within our work time, and we believe doing this, will create a happier working environment. At Prymo we […]

Airless Paint Spraying | Commercial Coatings By PRYMO

Airless Paint Spraying PRYMO offer complete airless spraying solutions, the service providing full commercial coatings. On site spraying using HVLP differs in many ways from Airless Spraying. Using Airless application methods you are able to produce a finish that gives you a much thicker micron coverage with less passes. The method is also used externally […]

Join the PRYMO team – Careers Available!

PRYMO are always on the look out for superior technicians to join the PRYMO team. Are you: Organized Efficient Have great attention to detail Caring Great team player Self Motivated Above are just a few things we look for in a technician – experience is also a major bonus however not a requirement as PRYMO […]

Invisible Repair To Heritage Decorative Tile.

Heritage Tile Repaired. Decorative tiles are the norm when it comes to Heritage tiles and repairing cracks and damages on them is usually to the taste of the client – some want invisible repairs , others dont want them repairing at all as they believe “it tells a story”. On one particular job our client […]

On Site Spraying

We offer a superior on site spraying service… this service was required by a high profile construction company when there cleaners unfortunately used ruff cleaning pads on powder coated window frames. PRYMO were brought in due to our “Pushing Beyond Standard” attitude – the client had already moved in and they were concerned of the […]

Be Motivated!

Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.

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