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PRYMO Charity Abseil from Bruntwood Tower

Brief description.

Prymo took part in a charity fundraising event to abseil from 30 floors on one of Manchester’s tallest buildings, Bruntwood Tower. This was a massive success for Prymo, Bruntwood and especially The Factory Youth Zone – Prymo raised a considerable amount of money that was 100% donated to The Factory which we believe contributed to their massive success now in 2015.

Despite our Managing Director, Jasen Jackiw still to this day not remembering the abseil, everyone else who took part expressed how good it felt to; 1. give to charity and 2. experience an abseil from Bruntwood Tower, Manchester.

If you are reading this and you took part in the abseil, give us a mention and tell us your thoughts. If you have any pictures or videos send them in to reminisce on this monumental day.

Who Factory Youth Zone are.

The Factory Youth Zone is a charity run state-of-the-art youth centre which provides a unique safe place where anyone aged 8-21 can discover somewhere to go, something to do, and someone to talk to.

The ward in which The Factory is located ranks 2nd worst in England for the effect of long term deprivation on children. Many young people in the surrounding area are vulnerable to poor educational attainment, future worklessness and to developing antisocial or offending behaviour.

In the local area:

– Unemployment is 16.2% (national rate 7.5%)

– 48% of families live below the poverty line

– 11% of 16-18 year olds are not in employment, education or training.

With a lack of social provision in the area, The Factory aims to provide young people with opportunities to make constructive use of their leisure time, raise their aspirations and choose a positive, independent lifestyle.

Below is the link for the website of The Factory Youth Zone:

Why Prymo did it:

We saw a chance to give back to the people of Manchester, so we organised this to show we are involved within the community we operate in. We are all strong believers in giving back ‘pushing beyond standard in all that we do’ – this is a clear indication on how Prymo are, we didn’t want to do the usual; run, walk or cycling events, we want to do BIGGER and better, we wanted to get everyone out of their comfort zones to give them an experience that could come only once in a lifetime.

We are currently brainstorming on what we can do this year, so after watching this video please give your ideas on what we can do next. Don’t hold back on your suggestions either, we want to know what YOU want to see.

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