PRYMO have been featuring in the paper since Thursday, 14/05/15 regarding our latest employee, Phillip Sherlock. I’m sure that you’re all aware of the massive story that broke out a few months back, concerning how Phillip and his wife, Victoria were forced to live in their car after months of trying to get a break, they couldn’t. Until… you guessed it, Our Managing Director, Jasen Jackiw and his driven, welcoming staff.   A few weeks back, Jasen was watching morning television and he saw a couple in need, a couple that had no home and were living in a car in life threatening conditions. So, Jasen being Jasen, he phoned up and shown interest in meeting the couple. A few days later, Jasen and Phil finally met and formed a great bond, to Phil’s surprise, this wasn’t a normal ‘hello, how are you’ this was a job interview. The pair came out all smiling, and we were introduced to Phil by Jasen as, ‘meet your latest employee’.   Although they both now had jobs, they were still homeless and living in anywhere they deemed safe. So, some of the PRYMO team tried to understand the couples situation and paid for hotel rooms until they managed to get a home.   PRYMO’s Office Manager, Lauren, was responsible for them being housed after 3 weeks of being employed by PRYMO, she worked endlessly to make sure opportunities were being created for them to get back on their feet, and Lauren reached her goal of housing Phillip and Victoria, they got their keys on Sunday and are now living in a warm and clean home, just like it should be.   As you can see, some of the PRYMO team are enjoying a cuppa with the newly housed couple. This is just the beginning for Phillip and PRYMO, as we have so many plans for him to achieve the best he possibly can.