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The IT & Social Media Managers Blog

Hi everyone, I am Prymo’s IT & Media Manager and I am writing a blog to help you get a better understanding of who I am and what I do, seen as though I’m the person behind Prymo’s: Twitter, Facebook and I also help organise our marketing ideas, we’ve had everyone in the Office write a blog, but me, clearly saving the best till last. 😉

I have been at Prymo now for just over three months and loving every minute of it, I am also studying a Digital Marketing Course after coming out of Trafford College, picking up a Business Studies Level Three Extended Diploma qualification.

Below I will be answering a few questions that have been setup to try and tell you more about myself and our future plans;

What I do on a daily basis:

On a daily basis I update our Twitter and Facebook to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, from explaining our new rates we are offering to what song our Office Manager is ‘singing’. I also spend my days writing blogs, I enjoy creating Prymo’s blogs because it allows me to express how good Prymo actually are, what I tend to see, is people don’t really know what we do and how much of a better alternative we are to replacing your damaged worktops, etc… to find out more on what we do click the link below.

Atmosphere within the office:

The atmosphere within the office is great, everyone at Prymo are energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to social media, due to the new WordPress update allows us to see where people are visiting the Prymo website from, a few that have shocked us are: Kazakhstan, Brazil and United Arab Emirates.

Monitoring performance:

My job role is one where I have to constantly monitor, it can’t be left alone. This means if someone tweeted me while the football was on, I’d have to focus my attention on replying to the tweet and put aside the game until the matter was dealt with. I’m not complaining because I love interacting with our followers, and it really shows to me, and the Prymo team, that people are recognising us.

I also took note of how many followers we started with, when I started at Prymo back in November, this figure was 423, and now we are on an impressive 875 followers, I believe a bulk of this following is from winning the Theo Paphitis – #SBS Event, on the night we won we collected over 100 followers that all congratulated us and welcomed us with open arms.

Facebook is another social media platform that has developed whilst I have been in the driving seat, we started with 118 likes and are now on 188, it hasn’t developed as much as Twitter but we are getting a lot of interaction with the following we do have, which is great for me.


Here at Prymo, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, and by doing this we need your help. If you would like to see something from us, get in touch on Twitter – @PRYMOltd or Facebook – PrymoSurfaceSolutionsLtd, here I will be able to interact with you and get an understanding of what you want. It could be anything, from giveaways to making an Instagram account showing in detail more pictures of what the lads are getting up too.

What do I do out of work hours?

When I am out of work, I am constantly on my phone, checking and updating Twitter, refreshing my Facebook feed and reading other peoples blogs, so you could either say I work every minute of my life or I don’t go to work at all because I love doing what I do. However, I do take a few hours out of my day to go to the gym and spend time with my girlfriend.

Due to me usually being the person behind the camera, I don’t have many photos of myself so I’ve decided to upload pictures that I have had an influence on.

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