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Cosmetic repairs was once a hidden industry with many contractors and people not knowing that damages to everyday surfaces could be repaired. Fast forward 10-15 years and commercially the service is mainstream however there is still the odd company and person who has never seen or heard of this specialist service. Prymo have built a brand in the sector that operates both domestically and for some of the largest commercial companies in the UK. Offering a national service Prymo have a fully employed workforce situated throughout the UK.

Surfaces throughout a building whether commercial or domestic sustain damage for various reasons. Chips, dents & scratches amongst the most common can be invisibly repaired using Prymo. However, cracks, burns, vandalism and many more types of damage can also be repaired. We ask that before you action the replacement of any item, you contact prymo as we can assure you that we surprise people on a daily basis as to what we can actually repair.

Quality surface repairs is a must. There is no point repairing a surface if it wont last – it must be cost effective and extend the lifespan of the item. Our service offering while extending the lifespan of damaged items means that our service has huge environmental benefits. We as a service are physically reducing landfill thus cutting cost with the environment in mind.

Floors, doors, Worktops and sanitary ware are examples of internal surfaces we can repair, yet be mindful we also offer repairs to all external surfaces as well – such as powder coated items, stone, cladding and all types of panelling on facades including glass and much more!

Prymo really are a complete solution for all surface damages.

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