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Glass is used throughout the construction sector and with stunning glazing solutions being used throughout high end homes also, the market is only getting bigger.

Damages to glass throughout projects is a very common occurrence, whether accidental by things such as cleaning, accidental impact or even in-transit damages, Prymo can provide cost effective glass polishing solutions.

Our highly skilled glass polishing technicians are all trained and assessed in house to ensure Prymo standards are met. Operating throughout the UK no matter where the location of your home or project we can supply technicians for all of your glass repair needs.

Glazing is not only expensive but can also be extremely difficult and sometimes (depending on install) near impossible to replace.

Our glass polishing solutions are extremely cost effective and allow a very simple solution for a very big problem. With our repair solutions being extremely fast, this ensures that not only single damages, but multiple glass scratches can be carried out in just one visit.

Damages to glass come in all shapes and sizes from scratches, vandalism to weld splatter – whatever your need, Prymo have a solution for your glass repair needs.

Glass Polishing

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