Cosmetic Surface Repair

Cosmetic Surface Repair

Cosmetic surface repair

At Prymo we have a highly skilled in-house trained team that specialise in cosmetic surface repairs. For clarity the service for those that don’t know is the repair of any damaged hard surface back to an unnoticeable standard…the majority would say invisible standard. The word “cosmetic” is more known with things to do with surgery however in the building industry our service is about carrying out procedures to correct defects on all hard surfaces.

The hard surfaces that Prymo can provide cosmetic building repair services for are… but are not limited too;

• Brick tinting
• Bath & sanitary ware cosmetic repair
• Glass polishing
• Ceramic tile repairs
• Cladding repairs
• Cladding resurfacing
• Laminate surface repairs
• Marble and granite cosmetic repairs
• Kitchen worktop repairs
• Grp and composite repairs
• Stone restoration and repairs
… & much more!

Glass Polishing
If you don’t see an item or surface on the above list to which you are looking for cosmetic surface solutions then be sure to contact us, as we assure you any damage, any surface – we have the solution.

Surface defects can happen for a number of reasons;

• Accidental damage
• Vandalism
• Weathered
• Worn
• Burnt
• Scratched
…and many more ways in which surfaces can become damaged.

With our high-quality cosmetic surface repair technicians able to repair even the most badly damaged of items, our solutions ensure that our service is massively cost effective and a greener solution.

Why construction needs cosmetic repair services.

Construction in the UK nationally is booming and on a high paced construction site you have multiple trades overlapping and pretty much working in and around each other. With this being pretty much industry standard – accidents happen. Kitchen fitters for example finish the kitchen and the painters are in and the worktop is a welcoming site to place equipment.

Laminate, Corian and quartz worktops seem to be the preferred tops with Laminate worktops being the most common. Laminate does not take impact well and can scratch quite easily so in the scenario above you can imagine the snags that occur while numerous trades are in and out of apartments… not to mention joiners, tilers and a whole load of other trades speeding towards completing their tasks.

Once the project is coming towards completion and are ready to close of areas and rooms ready for the client’s inspection Prymo are brought in. Then with our award-winning cosmetic repair services. We are issued the snag lists and our highly skilled technicians go about efficiently repairing all damaged surfaces. Saving the construction company not only on lead times with replacement but also a huge amount of cash, as the items are now not needed to be replaced as a cosmetic repair is a perfect solution.

Selecting a Cosmetic Surface Repair Company.

When selecting a cosmetic repair service to use on your site or home there are a number of things to think about. Firstly, the size of the business. Everyone starts somewhere and there are many man in a van setups that will do a great job and will answer their mobile number should something go wrong and the repair fail – however, many wont. So be sure to have a think about whether trusted warranties are a requirement. Which brings us to the next point, quality products – which ensures a quality finish and maximises longevity of the repair. Smaller companies often use cheaper products thus to open up their margin often using products from the car industry off the shelf. Larger companies with a long term plan and building a brand must invest in quality products and tooling. The final advice would be to delve into a company’s social media and look at the cosmetic repair works they are doing, who they are doing it for and look for feedback from clients to which they serve. Taking all this into consideration you will give yourself the best chance of getting value for money.

Prymo cosmetic surface repair and coatings company.
Now it may be good to know that we actually tick all the above boxes on what to look for in a great cosmetic repair business – and we would love to hear from you!

So, if you require surface repairs or coatings, our amazing office team are awaiting your call. You can contact them now on 0161 660 1681.

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